Cymbel Corporation is a Pinnacle Group Company

About Cymbel

For over 20 years, Cymbel has been helping government agencies and businesses leverage the latest tools and technology to improve their cybersecurity defenses.

The Cymbel team is comprised of veteran cybersecurity engineers who each hold numerous senior IT security certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Palo Alto CYBERFORCE Hero, and others.

What does Cymbel Mean?

The Oxford Dictionary of Music defines a “cymbel” as a control on a classical pipe organ that when engaged generates a sound resembling a “brilliant mixture of things.”

Cymbel was founded with the same goal, to bring our clients together with best-in-class solutions for information security and compliance, producing a harmonious and brilliant combination.

Cymbel Leadership

Steve Reibstein

VP and General Manager

Steve provides Cymbel with his deep experience managing IT sales and cybersecurity professionals. He’s been a lynchpin in the company’s consistent year-on-year growth and helped ensure uniform service quality to its over 300 clients. Possessing a deep enthusiasm for the Palo Alto ecosystem, Steve is passionate about organizing Cymbel’s growth around their industry-leading solutions.

When he’s not helping Fortune 10 enterprises or government agencies improve their security, Steve enjoys working on his golf game. In a former life, he was a studio musician and still plays guitar regularly.

Keith Salustro

Lead Security Consultant

A veteran of the cybersecurity industry, Keith began his career as a software engineer in the network management field. In 2002, he founded security firm Security Best Practices to provide auditing, consulting, and penetration testing services to businesses throughout New England.

For over 15 years, Keith has been serving as Cymbel’s Lead Security Consultant, where he’s responsible for firewall configuration, VPN solutions, and helping ensure client success with his deep cybersecurity expertise.

Peter Catherwood

Information Security Engineer

Peter holds several important cybersecurity credentials, including CISSP, Palo Alto Network Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE), Palo Alto Networks Accredited Systems Engineer (PSE), and others. He joined Cymbel in 2016 to enrich the team with his specialization in the Palo Alto Networks ecosystem. He also brings deep experience in the Microsoft ecosystem, including Microsoft Active Directory, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and other products.