Cymbel Corporation is a Pinnacle Group Company

Cymbel’s Industry Partnerships

Cymbel has strategically developed relationships with many of the world’s top cybersecurity firms. It works closely with its partners to provide clients in government and business with cybersecurity solutions optimized to meet all their challenges.

Palo Alto Networks

As a recognized visionary in the cybersecurity field, Palo Alto Networks produces hardware and software products for achieving Zero Trust security, serving over 70,000 organizations globally, including 85 of the Fortune 100.

Cymbel is proud to work as a close partner with Palo Alto Networks, helping deploy their leading-edge products in hundreds of businesses across the United States. In recognition of this long and fruitful collaboration, Cymbel has been recognized as a Palo Alto Networks Platinum Innovator.

More About Palo Alto Networks

ON2IT is the global leader in managed security services for Zero Trust environments. Founded in 2005, the company has quickly established itself at the forefront of the Zero Trust movement with its leading-edge tools and platforms, designed specifically for the monitoring and maintenance of highly-dynamic network environments.

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Gigamon provides improved network visibility, traffic monitoring, and threat detection capabilities to protect wired networks, cloud services, and mobile devices. Through a single pane of glass, Gigamon software products eliminate network blindspots and help organizations quickly detect unauthorized network access.

Proofpoint has developed a platform aimed to protect business users from cybercrimnals who use email, social media, and mobile devices to launch advanced cybersecurity attacks. In addition, they provide security awareness training, archiving and compliance services, and other products aimed at minimizing the risk of next-generation attack.

Thycotic is a provider of account management solutions that help protect privileged user credentials from exfiltration. Their products allow IT administrators to identify threats to their privileged account information and securely track, document, and protect those credentials across their network.

Splunk is a software platform used to monitor, search, and analyze machine-generated data in real-time. The company has a security information and event management system (SIEM), called Splunk ES, which allows security staff to gather and analyze data from across network endpoints, ensuring smoother incident response and security operations.

A provider of cloud-native endpoint protections tools, Sophos has developed products to hunt, detect, and mitigate cybersecurity threats before they penetrate the network interior. This includes email security, encryption tools, mobile device protection, anti-phishing software, as well as next-generation firewalls and public cloud security solutions.

Algosec produces software designed to improve network security policy management. Their line of products is compatible with a wide variety of traditional and next-generation firewalls, cloud security controls, routers, load balancers, and other security devices, providing truly unified policy management across heterogeneous network environments.

Firemon is a leading security automation platform for hybrid cloud environments. By offering real-time continuous network, endpoint, and shadow cloud discovery, it enables security professionals to better manage complex hybrid infrastructures, respond to threats quicker, and simplify their regulatory compliance reporting.

Cato Networks
Cato Networks is a leader in the emerging Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) field, which converges network and security management into a single, cloud-native platform. It provides IT departments with a holistic means of managing their physical locations, cloud resources, and mobile users through a single interface, eliminating inefficient and costly IT silos.