Wombat Security Technologies is a leading provider of cyber security training and filtering solutions. Its software-based training solutions are designed to be engaging and effective, and have been scientifically proven to be more effective than traditional training.

Wombat offers a combination of powerful assessment, training and filtering solutions that enable organizations to implement a more pragmatic and effective approach to combating cyber security attacks. Wombat’s training solutions include a comprehensive cyber security training platform that combines interactive training modules, simulated attacks, in addition to reporting and analytical capabilities into one comprehensive solution. Wombat’s uniquely engaging software-based training solutions create employee behavior change, even after just one short burst of training.

Fortune 500 companies, large government agencies, and small to medium businesses from every industry segment around the world are successfully using Wombat’s cyber security training solutions to significantly improve their existing security awareness training program.

What Makes Wombat’s Approach So Effective?

Built on learning science principles, Wombat’s comprehensive training suite can greatly enhance your organization’s cyber security readiness! Traditional cyber security classroom training, boring videos and presentations don’t provide the level of retention needed to protect your employees and your organization. To drive lasting change in employee behavior, security training must be engaging to be effective.

Wombat’s Proven System for Driving Lasting Behavior Change

Based on research by Wombat’s co-founders at Carnegie Mellon University, their interactive software training solutions can reduce your employee’s susceptibility to security attacks by over 70%!

The training software uses learning science principles to truly engage employees and ensure the long term retention of learned concepts. Simulated attack services, training modules and extensive detailed reporting are all provided from one easy to use interface, called Wombat’s Security Training Platform.

The Security Training Platform provides all of the tools you need to:

  • Assess your organization’s security vulnerability
  • Gather powerful analytics on your organization’s weaknesses
  • Target training to attack the weaknesses
  • Provide immediate feedback to users as they learn
  • Reinforce with short interactive training sessions
  • Reassess and retrain the employees who need it the most

Cyber Security Awareness Training that Breaks Through

 Attack Simulations:  Safely phish your own employees using real world security attacks. Without proper training, over 50% of your employees will fall for well-crafted phishing emails. PhishGuru® can assess your organization’s vulnerability to phishing attacks with a safe, secure, and user friendly interface.

Interactive Training Software: In just 10 minutes, our training modules can reduce your organizations susceptibility to attack. There’s no need to take anyone away from their work environment. They can take training about many different types of cyber attack right from their desk. Our reports will provide data by individual to help security officers understand their organization’s security posture and watch it improve as users participate in training.

Wombat’s Security Training Platform

A one of a kind platform, Wombat’s Cyber Security Training Platform provides Security and Information Officers powerful tools to lower the susceptibility of their organization against cyber security attacks.

  • Assess your organization’s security vulnerability through simulated attacks and provide just-in-time training to those that fall for the attacks.
  • Train your employees with the most effective cyber security training modules on the market.
  • Wombat’s platform integrates software-based interactive training, attack simulation, analysis and reporting, and administrative capabilities into one easy to use system.

Throughout the attack simulations and training modules, Wombat gathers critical data to identify your organization’s weaknesses which allows Security and Information Officers to address your organization’s weaknesses systematically.  The platform includes comprehensive reporting and analysis tools to track training results, identify weaknesses, and address them through interactive training.


  • Simulated Phishing Attacks


  • Email Security
  • Malicious URL Training
  • Password Security
  • Phishing Traps and Social Engineering
  • Safe Browsing – Coming Soon
  • Security Beyond the Office
  • Safe Social Networks
  • Smartphone Safety


  • Unique Users
  • Average Scores
  • All Users
  • User Activity
  • Most Missed Items

Our training software is SCORM compliant so it easily integrates into learning management systems. 508-compliant versions are also available to support people with learning, visual, hearing and physical disabilities.

What Wombat’s Customers Have to Say

“We selected Wombat because they offer a comprehensive cyber security preparedness platform. Wombat’s Platform enables us to assess internal risk and target training to employees who need it most, thereby strengthening our security profile.”
Ryan Mann
Manager of IT Security and Risk Management
Del Monte Foods

“Wombat’s products enable our organization to aggressively confront cyber-crime by proactively and effectively training our employees to recognize the most insidious attacks coming at them. Over the next year we plan to expand the use of Wombat products so we can further benefit from training employees on how to recognize and avoid advanced persistent threats caused by phishing, social media scams, and other attack vectors.”

“Also, Wombat’s analytics enable us to measure the success of our efforts and target training to those users that need it most. Thanks to Wombat, we can manage end user risk in a proactive fashion.”
Tony Hashem
VP of IT and CISO
Leading financial organization

“In addressing the technical and human vulnerabilities associated with phishing, the Phil and Phyllis anti-phishing training games will play an important role in enhancing BPS’s information assurance and compliance training programs.”
Marco Tempra
Manager of Innovative Systems
Banca Popolare di Sondrio

“The most important thing is to give people the skill set to practice the right behavior. Just making them aware of phishing emails is not sufficient. They need to be able to effectively differentiate between legitimate and fraudulent emails. That is our goal, to give them the skills to take the right action. And our results show that it works.”
Mary Ann Blair
Director of Information Security
Carnegie Mellon University


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