Most security products (such as firewalls, VPNs and IDS/IPS) protect corporate servers from threats coming from the Internet. Newer threats infect end users— who are accessing Internet resources—via bots, phishing and malicious active content, all of which subsequently infect corporate networks. Corporations have done very little to inspect user-initiated traffic and protect their users. Zscaler shifts focus away from the server to the user, protecting companies from the new generation of security threats.

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Through our global, in-the-cloud infrastructure, Zscaler performs the following functions:

Enforces business policy and mitigates risk

Web 2.0 applications, such as business networking sites and blogs, create unique opportunities—they create communities of interest for marketing or forums for customer support. However, they also create obvious challenges. Users may inadvertently download malicious content; they may create liability by publishing inappropriate or confidential content on blogs and social networks. Zscaler empowers organizations to manage access to Web 2.0 applications, while providing clean Internet traffic.

Provides the end user with a rich Internet experience

Each user should have safe, transparent and rapid Internet access. Zscaler protects users against a range of threats, including bots, phishing and malicious active content. No configuration changes are required by the user-end, making access transparent. Finally, Zscaler minimizes latency to provide rapid response time.

Protects users at any place, on any device

The traditional enterprise border is breaking down with the increase in road warriors and smartphone users. When these users access the Internet, however, they often bypass all security controls. Zscaler protects every user—regardless of location or device.

Delivers twice the functionality at half the price

Current solutions require the acquisition, deployment and management of at least half a dozen point products at each Internet gateway. This solution is not only impractical, but it is expensive and introduces latency. Zscaler provides a high performance solution at low TCO.

Zscaler Infrastructure

Zscaler’s fundamental innovation is in functionally distributing components of a standard proxy to create a giant global network that acts as a single virtual proxy so that any user can go to any gateway at any time for policy-based secure internet access.  Zscaler infrastructure comprises three key components; Zscaler Enforcement Node (ZEN), Central Authority (CA) and Nanolog™ (Transaction Log) Servers.

Products at a Glance
Zscaler offers eight different services for web security to provide a comprehensive offering.
Standard Advanced Premium
Access any of the 25+ data centers across the world
Near-Zero Latency with deep scanning
Full SSL Inspection
Real-Time reporting: Any transaction within seconds
2 Years Summary Reports + 6 months full transaction logs
Active Directory/LDAP Integration
Real-time alerts
Cover all employees including the mobile workforce.
Granular policy for rules by users, groups, locations, time and quota
Antivirus and AntiSpyware
Inspect all inbound and outbound files with near-zero latency
Inspect multi-level archives or Zips
Control allowed browsers / plugins
Block Botnets, XSS, XSRF, Phishing, Malicious Active Content
Block Anonymizers, ToR, P2P, Skype
Country based blocking using GeoIP
URL Filtering with 6 classes, 30 super-categories and 90 Categories
Override any predefined URL Category
Dynamic content classification for Liability Content
Streaming and Media : Allow viewing but block uploads
Social Networking/Blogs: Allow viewing but block posting
Instant Messaging: Allow chat, block attachments
Webmail: Allow mail, block attachments
Control Bandwidth by Web application
Inline Filtering of all HTTP traffic for DLP
Predefined Dictionaries for Credit Cards and special numbers
Predefined Engines for PCI, HIPPA
Inspect Office and Adobe documents and zipped files

In summary, Zscaler is an easy-to-use service with real-time, relevant information, and industry-leading protection, which requires no capital expenses.

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