Burning question: How can VM sprawl be prevented?

Burning question: How can VM sprawl be prevented?.

VM sprawl, or virtual machine sprawl, is just what it sounds like: too many VMs sprawled across a virtual infrastructure, taking up processing power and storage space even if they are rarely used. Since spinning up a new VM can be done in a matter of minutes, users come to expect a new machine, on-demand, whenever they want it.

The issue is not necessarily to prevent VM sprawl, assuming all these VMs are serving valid business purposes. The issue is managing them and providing security. We recommend the following solutions:

  • Management AccelOps automatically discovers new VM instances and new VMWare hosts. It then continues to monitor availability and performance and collect the appropriate logs and flows they generate.
  • Network and Server Security Altor Networks provides a VMSafe-certified firewall/IPS which is embedded in the VMWare hypervisor. It protects the hypervisor itself, controls and protects all communication into and out of the associated VMs, and monitors the services running in each VM.
  • Database Security – Specifically for virtualized database servers, we recommend Sentrigo. It runs in the database VM to (1) protect the database from targeted database attacks like SQL Injection and (2) provides complete user access monitoring and control including activity generated by privileged users, stored procedures and triggers.