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Zero Trust Cybersecurity Solutions to Protect Modern Network Environments

Cymbel provides businesses and government agencies with the tools and expertise they need to manage the most complex security and compliance challenges.

cybersecurity landscape

Businesses and government agencies face a fast-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Next-generation threats — as well as cloud, mobile, and IoT security challenges — demand an approach to security that does more than just protect the network perimeter.

Zero Trust is that security model. Based on the idea of never trust, always verify, Zero Trust security extends far beyond the network perimeter, giving each device, application, and service its own set of controls and protections.

Cymbel is Your Guide to Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Cymbel is a leader in the design and deployment of Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions for both businesses and government agencies. To help clients achieve optimal security, Cymbel engineers provide leadership and support through the entire process of building a Zero Trust environment, from analysis and design, to deployment and optimization.

We leverage products from the global leaders in Zero Trust security, Palo Alto Networks, On2It, and others.

We’re proud partners with cybersecurity leaders:

Palo Alto Networks Expertise That’s Trusted NationwidePalo Alto Networks Platinum Innovator

Cymbel works closely with Palo Alto Networks, the world’s leading vendor of hardware and software designed for Zero Trust security. Through countless successful Palo Alto Networks deployments, we’ve earned the distinction of Palo Alto Networks Platinum Innovator.

Our expertise covers the entire Palo Alto Networks ecosystem

Protect the enterprise with next-generation firewalls, machine learning tools, and centralized security management.

Cloud-native tools for improving security and compliance with increased visibility and threat management.

Security operations platform with machine learning to improve threat response and lower overhead.

Learn more about the benefits of our Palo Alto Networks expertise here.

Managed Security Operations Center for Zero Trust Environments

Today’s globalized threat environment demands you have security monitoring and incident response processes to protect your business 24/7. To provide our clients with the maximum level of protection, Cymbel has partnered with ON2IT, a provider of security operations center (SOC) solutions that have been built specifically for the rigors of zero trust environments.

SOC solutions that provide the highest level of operational confidence

  • Proprietary framework and tools designed for Zero Trust environments
  • Automation and AI-based threat hunting to ensure only relevant threats are investigated
  • Close integration with Palo Alto Networks, Checkpoint, Cisco, and other vendors

Learn more about our SOC services here.

World-Class Security, Customized to Meet Your Needs

As organizations move through the digital transformation process and deepen their reliance on technology, they need a partner who understands their security and compliance challenges and can always be trusted to have their best interest in mind.

For decades, Cymbel has provided high-touch security consulting at organizations both large and small. Our team is passionate about being a trusted, long-term partner to our clients, which is reflected in our thorough, documented process to developing customized Zero Trust environments.

Analyze the network to identify key data, assets, applications and services

Document the flow of network traffic through the entire network

Architect a Zero Trust solution using best-in-class tools

Define policies for access to applications and data

Monitor and maintain the solution to ensure continuous benefit

Cymbel has decades of experience serving a diverse range of cybersecurity needs

  • Fortune 500 enterprises
  • Federal and state agencies
  • Military and government contractors
  • Healthcare
  • Biotechnology
  • Legal services firms
  • Financial services firms
  • Small and midsized businesses
  • Higher Education

There are many benefits to a Zero Trust cybersecurity solution from the Cymbel.

Streamline security budgeting
Our solutions focus your budget on the threats most likely to put your business and data at risk, which helps you reduce unnecessary expenditures and focus your security spending.

Achieving Zero Trust can reduce security costs by 31%

[“Adopt Next-Gen Access to Power Your Zero Trust Strategy,” Forrester Research, April 2018]

Next-generation endpoint protection
Tight insight and control over each network endpoint ensures that malware, malicious insiders, and other security threats are detected and stopped before they spread through your network.

Secure remote and contract workers
The zero-trust model, when properly implemented, allows staff at home or at branch offices to work efficiently without increasing your organization’s attack surface.